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Travel to Mekong Delta in Summer and Must-Try Experience

travel to mekong delta 3

1. Visit orchards The gardens which are lush all year round are the specialty of the Southwest Provinces. Depending on the season and time, these gardens have different fruits. Summer is usually the main fruit season in the West, so many tourists go to this place. Travelling to the West …

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Enjoy your Honeymoon in Thailand


Actually, nothing is more wonderful than the moment you can enjoy romantic natural sceneries with your lover in a stunning place. If you are newly-married couples, a honeymoon in Thailand definitely will be a perfect choice for you to enjoy sweet love memories and create unforgettable experiences together.  From picturesque …

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Being “Drunk” with Colors of Ke Go Natural Reserve


Covered by closed forest with many valuable trees, as the habitat of many endangered rare animals, also a place owning charming scenery, Ke Go Natural Reserve is becoming an interesting destination in the land of Ha Tinh. Ke which is originally the name of an ancient Vietnamese village in My …

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5 Attractive Destinations in Thai Binh


Famous for the name of “the 5 homelands of 5 tons”, however, Thai Binh has not only immense rice fields. On arriving, visitors will enrapture with the beauty, the fun in each destination of this land. Dong Chau Beach About 35km from Thai Binh city toward the provincial road going …

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Shwedagon Pagoda: Covered with 90 tons of gold and diamonds in Myanmar

shwedagon pagoda

Shwedagon Pagoda is the architectural masterpieces of the Yangon city and the tower itself covered with inlaid gold, topped with thousands of diamonds and rubies. Most Myanmar people dreamed once pilgrim to Shwedagon – the thousands year old temple situated on the hilltop Singuttara, Yangon, Myanmar. The taxi driver will bring …

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The Unique Undersea Road in Vietnam


Visitors coming to Vung Tau are familiar with the image of a small rock island located several hundred meters from the mainland. When the tide goes down, a path leading to the island gradually appears.  Hon Ba (Ba Island) is located on Ha Long (also know as Thuy Van) road, …

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10 Interesting Must-See Destinations in Bac Lieu


Bac Lieu windmill field From Bac Lieu City, following Cao Van Lau Road to the beach, at the hamlet of Bien Dong A, Vinh Trach Dong Commune is the wind power plant newly established from the beginning of the year. The distance from the city center to the plant is …

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Khe Hai – The Natural and Pristine Beach

khe hai

In the hot days in the coastal area, travelling to Khe Hai, immersing into the blue-clean water, enjoying rustic dishes, you will find the calm in your soul. Khe Hai Beach is located in Binh Thanh Commune, Binh Son District (Quang Ngai), about several kilometers from Dung Quat pier to …

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Top 9 Best Places to Visit in Summer in Hue


When you are traveling in summer in Hue, Co Lang Beach, Mo River, Truoi lake, and Cau Hai Lagoon are the perfect places where you can immerse yourself in the cool water of beach and stunning sceneries of the lake. Cau Hai Lagoon: Not famous as the Chuon or Lap …

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The Picturesque Beauty of Ta Van Valley in Water Season


Approximately 8km from the town of Sa Pa, Lao Cai, there is a gentle valley slope which is called Ta Van Valley. In the water season, this place is sparkling with the sun shining to the bottom of the terraces. While the spring is the time when the wildflowers blooming beautifying …

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