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Top 3 The Most Famous Pagodas in Myanmar


Referring to Myanmar tourism, everyone will remember the golden temples with different architectural styles.

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is one of the wonders for tourists around the world. Dubbed as the land of Buddhism, in the ancient capital of Bagan, visitors can also admire the thousands of temples without boring. Sagaings Hill on the Irrawddy River bank is home to countless temples and monasteries with over 5000 nuns and monks living there. Every morning they bring bowls around the area to collect offerings. Most of the people here are monks, there are people becoming monks for at least a few months. There are many families who have to save money every year for their son to dressed up like a prince during the Shin-pyu ceremony when they are ordained at the temple.

1. Swedagon Temple (Yangon)

As the most famous and sacred temple in Myanmar, Shwedagon Temple, also known as the Golden Temple, is located in Myanmar’s capital Yangon. It houses the four most sacred treasures of the Buddhist religion including the stick of the Buddha’s teachings, a piece of Buddhist karmapa’s cloth, the water filter of the Buddha’s Naughty Buddha and the eight hairs of Shakyamuni Buddha. The temple is 98 meters high and is gilded with gold, located on Singuttara Hill, from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Yangon.

Famous Pagodas in Myanmar 1

There are four roads up to the temple from the foot of the hill. At each entrance, there is a guarded lion pair. On the east and south side, there are many of the shops selling Buddhist instruments and religious instruments. At the steps on the way to the south, there is a second incarnation of the Buddha.

The base of the tower is made of bricks, inlaid with gold plates. On the base of the tower is the patio where only monks and men are allowed to enter. Next is the bell tower, on the bell is the tower cap, on the tower caps are parts modeled as lotus petals. The upper part of the pseudonym is shaped like a banana flower and a crown, framed with 2317 rubies and 5448 diamonds. At the top is a flag-shaped wing and at its highest point is the diamond top mounted with a 76 carat diamond. Gold plated around the tower is thin gold leaves and is crafted by craftsmanship using traditional techniques.

2. Golden Rock (Mon State)

Located more than 200km from Yangon, the golden stone is located at 1,100m along with the small temple of Kyaiktyo, creating a unique monument complex. Golden Rock is well-known to tourists for its gold-plated surface.

Famous Pagodas in Myanmar 2

If you want to get to Kyaiktyo Temple on the top of the golden rock, you must surely pass this strange golden stone. A strange stone with a very strange rule is that only men can get near the Golden Rock but women can only see the land from far away.

3. Shwezigon GoldenTemple (Bagan)

Famous Pagodas in Myanmar 3

Shwezigon is the second largest temple in Myanmar, built in the 12th century and is also home to the magnificent architecture like Shwedagon Temple. The temple is located in the ancient capital of Bagan, which was the capital of the ancient Pagan kingdom, which still houses thousands of large and small temples.

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