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Food tour in Bangkok’s China Town


Yaowarat road or Chinatown area in Bangkok is where you will immerse yourself in hundreds of extremely attractive dishes at very affordable prices.

China Town 1

Yaowarat road, which is dubbed Chinatown of Bangkok, Thailand, is the destination introduced in every Bangkok travel guide. The Yaowarat road, which has no direct tram lines, is like other places in Bangkok. So you can only come here by bus, taxi or tuk tuk. But despite the lack of transportation facilities, this place is always crowded, especially in the evening.

China Town 2

The most important reason for its hustle and bustle is that even in the evening, the place becomes a street of food with full options in Bangkok. Indeed, in the evening to come here, you will be dazzled by a variety of attractive restaurants stretching from the street to the end of the street. Which is pomegranate juice, tangerine, which is mango sticky rice, which are noodles, fruit cars, seafood … all extremely color and attractive.

China Town 3

Pomegranate juice is something you should not miss in Chinatown, but it’s hard to miss, as along Yaowarat Street, a dozen or so pints of pomegranate juice are found along Yaowarat Road. Bottles of pink, cool water neatly folded by the big Thai pomegranate, red fruit and delicious fruit in the heat of Bangkok.

China Town 4

Arriving in Chinatown, durian followers are determined to be prepared by the durian counters everywhere. The large, fat, thick and fragrant durian will definitely make you can not be ignored. Thai durian fruits are usually packed ready to serve for visitors.

China Town 5

In addition, bread in front of Government Savings Bank should not be overlooked. The shop specializes in selling soft bread with 9 kinds of dairy such as durian, custard, chocolate … There is nothing to say, but every night there is a long line of people who queues to buy.

China Town 6

For convenience, the store has a coupon, type the name of the fillings to mark the type of fillings that they want to eat and the number they want to buy. In general, you will have to wait in line, but you will not regret it when you are bitten by a hot cake with delicious fillings.

China Town 7

Besides the dozens of sweet dishes, snacks, Yaowarat also has a lot of foods to eat. The most popular and most attractive are the two blue and red seafood restaurants located opposite each other in the middle of the street. These two lines are always busy guests and always fragrant so it is easy to recognize. The restaurants sell all kinds of shrimp, crab, squid, hot pot, tom yum … with quite reasonable price, just like in Vietnam so if you come here, definitely try once.

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