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10 Things to Do when Travalling to Con Dao at the First Time


Hiring a motorbike for exploring tours around the Island

Hiring a motorbike costing 5$ to 6$ per day, you will definitely carry out a tour around the Island on your own, from Ben Dam harbor in the South to Dam Trau beach in the North. Noticeably, don’t forget to fuel your motorbike at two centre-located petrol stations on the island before starting your trip. There is one interesting thing that you can lay down your unlocked motorbike wherever you go without being stolen.

Travelling to Con Dao 1

Going swimming at Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau beach lays near Co Ong airport, to the East of the island. It attracts tourists with a beautiful beach, white soft sand and pristine blue water. These characteristics are very suitable for swimming activities. Thus, tourists can go swimming, have a sunbath, lie leisurely on the lounge chair with a cup of beer or coconut. You may also enjoy your lunch and dinner in the seafood restaurants near the beach.

Travelling to Con Dao 2

Strolling along the quiet road

Travelling to Con Dao 3

If you don’t want to explore Con Dao by a motorbike, you might immerse yourself into a stroll along beautiful and quiet roads amid the cool and pure air, especially from October to April annually. Moreover, you will be refreshed your mind by the slight winds of the sea. Thus, you definitely saunter road by road without feeling tired and bored.

Engrossing into a romantic novel at Con Son coffee shop

Travelling to Con Dao 4

Con Dao owns various “stylish” coffee shops, namely Lo Voi, Infiniti, Ngo Quan,..but the most famous one must be Con Son. This coffee house is next to the beach and opposite to the Dock ship 914, an ideal place to all visitors to hold a panoramic view of the Dock. In the early morning or late evening, having a cup of coffee, engaging into a favorite book, or even doing nothing amid the quiet and breezing air, your mind will be definitely fresh. Noticeably, you still get cool even when you go there in the sunny afternoon. How amazing!

Enjoying fresh seafood at boat houses in Ben Dam port

Ben Dam port locates in the South- West of Con Son Island, about 15 kilometers from the center of its town. All the ships, which carry visitors from the city of Vung Tau to Con Dao, will board here. Laying inside Ben Dam bay and being surrounded by some mountains, this port is the storm- avoidance and boarding place of ships and boat houses respectively. To get to these boat houses, you have to pay 0.5$ to 1.5$, then, to be enjoyed the fresh seafood here, you might assume quite a big portion of money but it worths, right?

Visiting Con Dao prison

Travelling to Con Dao 6

It’s has been a common thing that during their trip to Con Dao, almost all visitors visit 113 – year existing prison, which was also called the “living hell” during the war time in Vietnam. Furthermore, many of them can’t stand “shivering”, or even tearing down when directly approaching to series of prisons cells for the purposes of jailed and tortured Vietnam soldiers, namely Chuong Cop (tiger cages), Chuong Bo (Cow Sheds), Trai Phu Hai (Phu Hai prison),..etc .

Go trekking at Con Dao national park

Travelling to Con Dao 7

Con Dao national park has an area of 6,000 hectares of land and 14,000 hectares of sea. To consume your time of effectively during the journey, you might trek through the forest to inhale the pure air, listen to the songs of birds and discover the daily life of some animals. Moreover, you can also immerse yourself into nearby beautiful beaches, and even Ong Dung right in the protected area of the park.

Go diving to see coral reefs

Travelling to Con Dao 8
Con Dao has other smaller islands such as Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, and so on. They gather a significant amount of corals compared to other Islands in Vietnam. Normally, hotels and resorts provide tourists with coral-exploring diving service in combination with normal visiting service. It’s worth paying about 50$ for a diving exploration of corals under the sea.

Seeing turtles laying eggs in Bay Canh Island

Travelling to Con Dao 9

The turtles in Con Dao often come offshore to build nests and lay their eggs from April to October, especially from July to September. To see the egg-laying process of turtles in Bay Canh Island, tourists must ask for a permit from the managers of Con Dao national park. Unfortunately, there are a small number of tourists to get this opportunity. If your request is approved, you will have 4-5 hours, or even, the whole night to see the incredible process of turtles laying eggs.

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