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Explore Nghinh Phong Cape in Vung Tau


Nghinh Phong Cape is located south of Vung Tau city shaped like the head of a giant crocodile. Located near the famous sights of Vung Tau such as Hon Ba, Statue of Christ the King … Nghinh Phong is also loved by tourists by two beautiful beaches are O Quak and Huong Phong. Some information about Nginh Phong cape that visitors should find out before starting the journey to explore Cape Vung Tau:

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About the cape of Nghinh Phong

Nghinh Phong means getting the wind, this is the longest stretch of land at the southern tip of Vung Tau. Called Nghinh Phong because the cape is the wind for four seasons. Located in a beautiful position with its back resting on the mountainside and facing the vast sea, the cap of Nghinh Phong divides the Vung Tau sea into two beautiful beaches named Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet.

Huong Phong Beach is also known as Bai Dai Beach or Bai Du Beach, which is quite small but one of the most popular tourist beaches in Vung Tau. Huong Phong’s attractions are beautiful natural scenery, diversified entertainment services and especially no waves, ideal for families with children. In particular, the sunset at Huong Phong beach is very charming, visitors should enlist the time to find a snout with open air to admire the moment when the sun sets down the beach.

Vọng Nguyet is also known as O Quan, which is one of the tourist destinations of Vung Tau attracting crowded tourists. Covered by majestic cliffs on three sides, Vong Nguyet still enjoys the wind blowing from the sea. Located at the foot of the Small Mountain, Vong Nguyet makes anyone who has ever been able to forget the wild landscape with clear blue water, clean white sand and majestic waves. True to the name Vong Nguyet (moonlighting), the night scene of the beach is no different from heaven on earth. In the quiet space in the evening, the moonlight and the stars in the morning light up, shining light to the sea, making the space bright. Although located in the inner city and possesses rare beauty but Vong Nguyet is less visited by tourists because the road is quite hard, visitors have to cross a steep hill.

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No noise and noisy as Bai Truoc, Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet are not as crowded and violent as Bai Sau. Set the tour Vung Tau visit these two beaches, visitors will feel extremely calm and relieved. Not only that, from two beaches, visitors also admire the Statue of Christ the King – Asia’s largest statue of Jesus located at the top of Little Mountain.

Interesting experience at the cape of Nghinh Phong

Ownership area is not too large, about 1,000m2 but the cape of the Nghinh Phong offers visitors a lot of attractive experience. As well as being immersed in the cool, blue waters at the beaches, you can follow the trail back to explore the green forest or to Hon Ba Island located a few meters from the coast. This is the place where a shrine named Hon Ba was built by the fishermen to worship and pray before each sea trip. On the first and second lunar months, when the sea recedes, the road that connects Hon Ba Island to the mainland appears, attracting a great many locals and tourists trying to step through.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery on Hon Ba Island, you can climb to the top of the 176m-high Low Mountain adjoining the Statue of God, also known as the Statue of Christ the King or the Statue of Christ on the top of Mt. The statue has a height of 32 meters and a length of 2 arms of 18.4, built between 1974 and 1994. After climbing 1,000 steps leading from the foot of Mount Minor on the statue, visitors continue to conquer the 133 spiral steps inside the statue to stand on the Lord’s arm. From this position, visitors will be able to cover the panoramic coastal city of Vung Tau with two beaches Huong Phong and Vong Nguyet, the distance is Hon Ba and also the small boat is moving to visit Con Dao from Port Cat Worry. In 1993, the statue of Christ the King was recognized as a national historical-cultural monument. By 2012, the statue was established as the largest statue of Jesus in Asia.

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Besides the Statue of God, Vung Tau also has many other famous spiritual destinations such as Quan Yin Buddhist Temple, Nirvana Tinh Xa, Temple of Tran Hung Dao … These locations are located near the cape of Nghinh Phong, du Guests only need to go along the Ha Long coastal road about a few kilometers to. Besides, visitors do not forget to visit other beautiful beaches located near the cape of Nghinh Phong like Bai Sau beach, Bai Truoc beach…

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