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Hue Tourist Attractions Places of Interest


Almost all tourists to a romantic and poetic Hue are unintentionally mesmerized by the picturesque beauty of 5 following destinations. This charming land definitely enables you to indulge yourself into “Hue” scenery.

The poetic Huong River

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The characteristic feature of Hue, Huong River, is gentle and calm as the life of the local residents. Perhaps, the flow of time can’t help falling in love with this alluring river, it seems to be quieter. The small boats on Huong River take tourists to rustic and beautiful villages and the “picturesque” Vi Da hamlet that was impressively depicted in one of the most famous poem of the former talented poet, Han Mac Tu, named “Day thon Vi Da”. The peal of bells of Thien Mu Pagoda clanging amid the cloud smoke rising from houses of locals at sunset draw a stunning water painting.

The ancient imperial city – Hue Citadel

The Citadel Complex of Hue, set up under Nguyen Dynasty, is now a relic of Hue ancient Capital and recognized as the World Cultural Heritage. This historical place is featured by the “wonderful” combination of both Western and Eastern architecture, the harmony of modern and classical design. Visiting Hue Citadel, visitors probably access to an essential historic site that they often learn through the historical documents. During the daytime, the Citedal looks solemn and ancient due to the presence of vestiges of time. At night, however, it turns into a new appearance, shimmering and sparkling. These defining characteristics definitely fascinate its visitors.

Lang Co Beach – A charming attraction

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Talking about attractive beaches, which highly impresses tourists by the poetic but lively beauty, Lang Co is definitely worth mentioning. Hiding at the foot of Hai Van Pass, Lang Co beach enables tourists to hold a panoramic view of the immense nature, then, feel safe and peaceful amid that majestic scenery. Moreover, get there, tourists have chances to indulge themselves into the pristine blue water, smooth white sand, open blue sky, and even the friendliness and hospitability of the fishermen.

The poetic Tam Giang Lagoon

Tourists have been intimately familiar to Tam Giang Lagoon, which intentionally makes them regretful for not visiting sooner. Featured by the vast lagoon of water and shrimp farming fields of all shapes and sizes, it promises to fascinate visitors for the first time they get there. Moreover, the sun colors this lagoon orange. It is such an ideal activity to greet the sunrise in Tam Giang lagoon in the early morning because you probably have “crush” on this ‘’picturesque” lagoon at that moment.

The majestic Hai Van Pass

Hue Tourist 3

One of the important contributive factors that feature the romantic beauty of Hue is Hai Van Pass. Traveling on this spectacular pass, you can see winding roads surrounded by the immense blue sky, massive mountains, and blanket of thick smog. They promise to be unforgettable experiences during your trip to this the “poetic” Hue city.

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