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Things to see in Vung Tau


If tourists are wondering what to see in Vung Tau, then explore the experience only in the coastal city below for a fun and the best enjoyable vacation.

Discover the unique Robert Taylor Antiquities Museum

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Located at 98 Tran Hung Dao, Robert Taylor’s ancient weapons museum is Vietnam’s largest private weapons museum, designed in the style of a French colonial mansion. The Museum consists of 3 exhibits with more than 2,500 artifacts, of which about 1,500 are artifacts, rifles, German, English, French, Dutch, American, Italian … from 200-300 years ago. From the entrance, visitors will feel overwhelmed with the ancient weapons, armor dating from the Genghis Khan, the Roman Empire, Samurai designed very delicately. The staircase leading up to the medieval area with the military costumes Royal Knights, rifles, guns of the countries Russia, France, Germany, Holland … Finally, the neighborhood showcases the costumes of the Australian Army From infantry, airborne, infantry, and many of the advanced weapons of World War II.

See attractive dog race at Lam Son Stadium

Lam Son Stadium at 15 Le Loi Street, Ward 1, Vung Tau City is the only place in Vietnam to organize dog racing and become a new sports entertainment unique to many visitors in the tour to Vung Tau at the weekend. The stadium has about 5,000 seats, in which the main stand accommodates about 2,000 people and there is a separate area for members, special guests or owners of the participating dogs. In addition, the track is designed around the arc, about 450m long and each round will have eight dogs competing bravely, and on the track will have a rabbit as a prey to the dogs do not lost. In particular, besides watching the attractive racetrack, visitors can participate in legal betting, have fun and have the opportunity to win bonuses.

Check-in at the Up Nguoc House (Upside down house)

At the beginning of February, Upside down House in Ward 4, Vung Tau City has attracted many young people to explore, photographed by extremely weird and strange architecture. Up Nguoc House is a three-storey building consisting of two areas, a sightseeing area and a coffee shop. In the sightseeing area there are 7 rooms, each room is decorated with different colors, especially the interior interior are reversed, making the visitors feel like walking on the highway or into a space station. In addition, the Up Nguoc House has all the necessary space such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilet … and the hanging furniture is fastened to the floor with nails, glue, guests can visit and take interesting photos.

Visit the unspoilt Dinh Co beach

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Located more than 20km from the center of Vung Tau, the Dinh Co beach of Long Hai town, Long Dien district attracts visitors with pristine beauty, fine white sand and long coastline, suitable for fun activities. , relaxing weekend. Coming to Dinh Co beach, visitors will have the right answer to the question of tourism Vung Tau has nothing to play here because there are many interesting fun activities. It is easy to bathe in the cool blue waters, organize team building, play the sport or visit the famous Dinh Co temple on the side of the hill. Besides, the Dinh Co beach is also a place to watch beautiful sunset with far-flung high-rise buildings and pictures mountains majestic. Here, visitors also enjoy the delicious seafood barbecue for only 35 – 50,000 VND (1.5 – 2 USD)/ box and can buy a variety of fresh seafood caught by fishermen at sea.

Eat the banh khot

For a long time, banh khot has become one of the delicious and attractive dishes of Vung Tau; The most famous of them is the banh khot at Goc Vu Sua. It is near the end of Nguyen Truong To Street, only served on Saturday, Sunday and holidays but always crowded guests from early morning until late in the evening. The cake here is small, round, opaque; big shrimp, solid meat combined with fat chicken eggs, less fire shrimp and fat onion. One portion of the cakes is about 8 – 10, when eaten just hot and crispy, accompanied by papaya, spinach, sweet bowl of sweet and sour soup with many vegetables such as salads, broccoli, lettuce fish , Perilla, basil …

Enjoy seafood in Long Son floating village

Long Son Village in Long Son Island is not only a popular eco-tourism destination but also a place to enjoy fresh seafood at reasonable prices. If tourists are worried about Vung Tau tourism is attractive, then go to the village of Long Son to explore many interesting experiences such as boat sightseeing on the river, watching the fish swimming between the shelters. In the raft, fishermen catch fish in the mouth of the Rang River or visit the famous and famous Ly house of Tran – who has been instrumental in the exploration of this land. In addition, the seafood here is very rich, tastes delicious and is processed into various attractive dishes such as hotpot soup with pineapple and sour pineapple, grilled snails, grilled shrimp, grilled brown fish with chili salt Steamed crab, roasted crab meats, grilled cheese oysters …

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Referring to the attractive experiences above, you will definitely have an exciting trip to Vung Tau with the chance to explore many famous sights, enjoy the beautiful beaches, enjoy the specialties and participate in many forms of entertainment.

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