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Top 3 Most Beautiful Islands in Nha Trang


In addition to famous tourist attractions at the heart of the city, the charming Nha Trang city fascinates tourists by stunning islands. Let’s discover!

Tre Island (Hon Tre Island)

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Hon Tre Island is one of the largest islands and home to a significant number of amusement parks, resorts and spas in Nha Trang. In addition to Vinpearl Land, the island offers Con Se Tre tourist resort, Hon Tre cultural park, Bai Soi ecological tourist resort, Vinpearl villa and golf resort, and Bai Ran luxury resort.

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Noticeably, the island is currently providing the cable car system connecting to Cau Da port. There, tourists are easy to access to tourist attractions within Nha Trang.

Binh Hung Island

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Binh Hung island is also known as Ty island or Chot island. The island definitely grasps the eyes of tourists by the crystal blue sea water and smooth sandy beach for the first time that they step onto it. Although the beaches on the island are not as long and wide as those in Mui Ne and Nha Trang, they are so clean and clear that we can look through the bottom. Moreover, these beaches are shallow and gentle, so you will certainly admire colorful corals right at your feet if you are at chest-high water level. Especially, there are rocks of unique shapes, designs, and colors that promise to catch your attention when you see them.

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The inhabitants of the island depend mainly on fishing, especially lobster farming for their livelihood. The local’s houses, built next to each other, offer the sea view. Additionally, the roads on the island are very clean.

To set foot in the stunning Binh Hung island, you will run along beautiful beaches, namely Binh Tien beach, Nuoc Ngot (Fresh Water) beach, Chuoi beach, and Kinh beach, in which you get on a boat to Binh Hung with the cost of 10,000 VND per person in 10 minutes. If you want to drive a motorbike on the island, you just need to pay 10,000 VND. Sounds cheap!

Binh Ba Island

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Visiting Binh Ba Island in Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province, you definitely greet the charming sunrise and enjoy tasteful local specialities.

The exhilarating Binh Ba Island has attracted tourists with the pristine beaches of crystal blue water stretching over an area of 3 square kilometers. Additionally, the friendliness and hospitability of the local residents and fresh seafood of reasonable prices are worth mentioning.

The island is home to approximately a thousand households. In addition to 2 traditional livelihoods, namely aquaculture, and fish catching, the locals also earn their living by tourism business.

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You can travel around the island by motorbikes and electric cars which cost 5$/turn and 10$/turn (for up to 10 people) per day respectively. Get there, you have a chance to see the “going” of the daily life of the locals that is quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The island offers many guesthouses, homestays, and hotels, so you can choose a suitable one based on your needs and budget. The price of a room/day fluctuates from 2,5$ to 20$ depending on its conveniences. During the peak season, you should make a reservation to ensure that your room is available right you enter the hotel. Or, you might directly meet the landlord to hire rooms.

Binh Ba Island is one of the amazing destinations in Vietnam that features the earliest sunrise. To fully enjoy that heart – melting moment, you should wake up early, about 4 a.m to get to Chuong beach. Moreover, if you wish to hold a panoramic view of this beach, you might climb to the peak of the mountain.

The sun gradually rises over the beach, then colors a corner of the sky brilliantly red which features the immense blue sky and the pristine blue water. It must be an “alluring” scene that is powerful enough to touch your heart.

Bear in mind, the island itself is currently serving local tourists only.

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