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What to eat in Hanoi in different months?


If traveling at different times, you will have unique dishes that characterize the weather. The tips about what to eat and drink while traveling Hanoi by month below will help you better know the cuisine of Hanoi at specific time.

What to eat in Hanoi from January to March ?

Pho cuon – roll noodle: Pho cuon Hanoi attracts visitors by minced beef, fried with ginger, garlic; then add some kinds of vegetables such as lectuce, basil, herbs … All wrapped in thin white rice noodle sheets. When eaten, you will feel fragrant fresh smell of rice; dipping with sweet and sour fish sauce with a little cucumber and papaya salad, you will enjoy a unique flavor.

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Bun cha: Bun cha is a familiar dish of Hanoi people with its own flavor. A meal consists of a white, soft noodles dish with sweet and sour sauce, served with slices of chopped grilled pork, grille meat balls and a plate of fresh vegetables like lettuce, shiso (beefsteak plant), marjoram, spinach…

Bun thang: Although the food is simple but the ingredients to make a bowl of Hanoi bun thang is very awesome. It is peeled red shrimps, soft crispy salads, crispy salt radishes, chopped chicken broth, thin fried eggs, herbs, mushrooms … mixed with white broth from chicken bone and served with noodles.

Hot sticky rice: sticky is a simple and rustic food of the Hanoians with different types such as sticky rice and green bean, white rice, sticky rice and corn, sticky rice and black bean, sticky rice and chicken, sticky rice and sausage … According to the tips of eating and drinking when traveling Hanoi by month, sticky rice must be wrapped in fresh lotus leaf or banana leaves and eaten when it’ hot.

What to eat in Hanoi from April to June?

Longan and lotus seed sweet soup: this is a famous sweet soup type in Hue, but now it is quite popular in Hanoi. On a summer afternoon, if you eat the bowl of lotus seed with fresh longan fruit, it would be great with sweetness crispy taste mixed with the fragrant lotus and sweet coconut milk.

Mixed fruit: In Hanoi in summer there is nothing more wonderful than to visit To Tich and enjoy a glass of mixed fruit to soothe the sunshine. Mixed fruit in the To Tich street is often put in glass cups including dragon fruit, jackfruit, apples, mangoes, pear, coconut, pulp, longan … accompanied by smooth white yogurt and a small bowl of ice.

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Snail noodle: This is a famous dish can not be ignored in the secret of eating when traveling Hanoi by month. When it comes to Hanoi snail noodles, it is impossible not to mention the traditional noodle soup in Hang Chai. A bowl of snail noodles is very attractive looking with red tomatoes, green onion, yellow snails and some tofu fried with fresh vegetables. Depending on the taste, you can add satay, lemon, chili …

La Vong grilled fish: Most foreigners come to Hanoi will enjoy the famous La Vong grilled fish, a famous 130-year-old dish – one of the highlights of Hanoi cuisine. La Vong grilled fish is mainly made from snake-head fish and red tail catfish, so the meat is strong, firm and sweet. When eating, the grilled golden fish is served with noodles, baked bread, herbs and more delicious with shrimp sauce.

What to eat in Hanoi from July to September?

Young rice sweet soup: the young rice sweet soup in Hanoi tastes more attractive than other types of sweet soup. It is made from young green grains, some tapioca flour and sugar. A bowl of young rice sweet soup is green and attractive, soft ad fragrant, especially, there is also a little bit of coconut fibers which look very eye-catching.

Banh cuon nong – hot rolls: Wander around the streets of Hanoi, you will easily find the places selling delicious hot rolls. The filling inside includes lean pork, mushroom; the wrapping is made from rice flour and coated with a layer of aromatic fried onion and fat. Hot rolls are served with golden cinnamon meat rolls and fish sauce.

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Duck hot pot: This dish of Ha Noi is widely known by visitors thanks to the unforgettable taste. A delicious duck hot pot consists of duck meat, taro, garlic, onions, dracontomelon fruit, ginger. When eating, you will feel so great with the fatty taste of duck meat, sour crispy crust of the dracontomelon fruit, vermicelli and vegetables.

Hot snail: According to the secret of eating and drinking while traveling in Hanoi, the snail selling on sidewalks is considered to be Hanoi’s famous foods in every autumn. A bowl of hot snail with sweet aroma of lemongrass mixed with fresh lemon leaves and pungent aromas of freshly cut ginger create an attractive flavor that visitors must hold a fat snail and enjoy the characterized sauce right away.

What to eat in Hanoi from October to December?

Bun dau long ran – the famous dish with fried tofu, fried viscera and noodle. Arrive in Hanoi on winter days, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Bun dau long ran in Nguyen Sieu, Nguyen Cau or Thuy Khe. The dish is presented on a banana leaf, consisting of vermicelli, fried viscera, fried tofu, pork, herbs, vegetables…

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Hot cassava sweet soup: In Hanoi, hot cassava sweet soup is only served in cool season and it is best known in Ly Quoc Superior street. Hot cassava sweet soup here is fragrant, sweet, the soup is yellow with cassava pieces cut in square. Because the shop is quite famous, if you want to enjoy it, you should come early.

Duck and bamboo shoot noodle: In the cold winter of Hanoi, a sour and hot duck and bamboo shoots noodle will make you feel warm. This famous dish is also recommended to visitors to feel the culinary characteristics of the land of Hanoi. It is considered delicious when the duck meat is sweet, the noodle is medium cooked, the broth is sweet and fragrant with taste from bones and bamboo shoots. This dish is served with boiled blood, chili paste,…

Crab and beef Hotpot: Crab and beef Hotpot is one of the popular dishes of Northern cuisine, especially in winter Hanoi. The ingredients for making this hot pot dish are well-cooked bones, finely ground crab, thinly sliced beef, broth and served with white or red rice noodles and vegetables.

Hanoi not only has a long history of culture and natural scenery but also attracts visitors with its rich and varied cuisine. The sharing of food and drink while traveling Hanoi by months will be a useful tip to help visitors enjoy Hanoi cuisine.

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