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What to Eat When Travelling to Sapa?


What is the unique culinary culture of Sapa? What are the most attractive dishes in Sapa? If you are hesitant and wondering what to eat when traveling to Sapa, do not skip the article below about what to eat when traveling to Sapa!

Thang co

Thang co is one of the most famous specialties in Sapa cuisine. Thang co is a traditional food of the Hmong. The name ” Thang co” was originally derived from the Chinese, meaning “bone soup.” If you want to explore the full range of food and drink when traveling Sapa, definitely can not miss the Thang co.

Sapa 1

The main ingredient in cooking is horse meat, but later some areas are replaced with pork, beef or buffalo meat. Meat, bones and viscera of the horse are cleaned, cut into pieces and eaten later, marinated with spices such as salt, soil, lime, cardamom, cinnamon. To cook it, people often arrange a large pan on the charcoal stove, then put the fat or oil into the pan, and stir-fry all meat, bones, viscera. When the meat is slightly ready, add water and boil for a few hours.

The town of Sapa has a very good reputation for Thang co. Among them, the most famous is A Quynh restaurant at 15, Thach Son Street, Sapa town. After a day of sightseeing Sapa, in the evening, visitors can go to A Quynh restaurant to enjoy attractive hot Thang co.


Salmon is a fish of high nutritional value. This fish can live only in clean water environment, low temperature. At a height of more than 1,500 meters above sea level, Sapa is one of the most ideal areas for salmon farming in Vietnam. Sapa salmon has the advantage of very good meat, with little or no fat. Sapa salmon is processed into a variety of dishes such as fried, grilled, curry, sashimi … but most popular are salmon hotpot and salmon salad.

In Sapa town as well as neighboring areas, almost all major restaurants serve salmon hotpot and salmon salad. In the cool weather, nothing is better than gathering together, sitting by the salmon hot pot and chatting with your friends. With salmon hotpot, in addition to enjoying fresh pieces of salmon meat, visitors can also use a variety of fresh vegetables which are grown right in Sapa.

At present, prestige and quality Sapa tours often include Sapa’s culinary culture exploration program with many unique delicacies including, of course, indispensable dishes processed from Sapa salmon. If tourists are wondering which to choose among prestige and quality Sapa tours, the experience shared in the article “The experience to choose a good Sapa tour” will be useful for a lot for visitors.

Dried buffalo meat

Dried buffalo meat is one of the famous dishes of Sapa. This is a traditional food of the Black Thai, then gradually became popular.

Material for dried buffalo meat is muscle meat of the buffalo. The buffaloes in Sapa are usually raised naturally, eat fresh grass, so the meat is very firm, sweet and not so fat. When processing buffalo meat, the meat is cut into long pieces, marinated with lemongrass, ginger, salt, chilli and some typical spices of the mountain. After that, the meat is crushed and hung on the stove. The fire from charcoal will be make it dried and well cooked.

Sapa 2

Buffalo meat after cooked is dark red. The meat is quite dry and slightly burned, but the inside still keeps the moisture, soft and very characteristic taste of Sapa buffalo meat. Chew it slowly, you will gradually feel the sweet taste of meat and aromatic flavor of spices. To stimulate more flavor, visitors can eat the meat with chili sauce.

To enjoy the delicious buffalo meat in Sapa, visitors can go to a restaurant such as Youth Restaurant (No. 5, Fansipan Street, Sapa Town), Hoang Minh Sapa Restaurant (No. 9, Xuan Vien Street) Sapa Town) …

Baked black chicken

Black chickens are bred pretty much in Sapa. This chicken breed has a small body, weighing about 1.2kg. The whole body of the chicken has a black coat. According to Oriental medicine, black chicken is a very good food, has the use of support and treatment of many diseases. Black Sapa chicken is processed into many attractive dishes such as steamed, fried, boiled dishes … In particular, the most famous is baked black chicken with honey.

To make this dish, people clean the chicken, then marinated with spices, especially honey. One of the secrets to making a delicious dish honey is honey. Honey used to marinate black chicken is high-quality honey, collected by ethnic people in the forest, this kind of honey is usually lightly sweet with very specific aroma. Chicken after marinating will be baked on charcoal.

Baked black chicken has the scent of burning meat, mixed with the smell of honey and the smell of spices. Use a piece of chicken with lemon pepper salt, eat together with mint leaves, visitors will feel it so special. Each piece of soft flesh gradually produces sweetness. If you have the opportunity to participate in a Sapa tour, please do not forget to enjoy the baked black chicken and honey!

Some famous restaurants selling delicious black honey dishes are Anh Dung Restaurant (No. 69, Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town), Chapa Restaurant (No. 40, Cau May Street, Sapa Town), Restaurant Hoa Dao Sapa (33, Xuan Vien Street, Sapa Town) …

Nung Din seven-color sticky rice

Visiting Sapa market, visitors will find easy to find the baskets of seven color sticky rice which is very attractive, fragrant smell. The reason for the name of this dish is because they have colorful colors. Visitors do not need to worry that these colors are not safe for health, because the people does not use chemical color. Colors of sticky rice are made entirely from nature, from vegetables, flowers and foliage of the North West Forests.

Sapa 3

Previously seven color sticky rice is almost only sold on the occasion of Tet (New Year Holiday). This is considered to be a spiritual food of the Nung Din people. Accordingly, each color of the sticky rice represents a month in the calendar of the ancient Nung Din. In addition, the colors of the sticky also conjugate to the victories, sacrifices, blood and fire of the battle as the yellow symbol for the breaking up, the bright red symbolizes the heroic victory, the dark red color symbolizes the heroic sacrifice …

Today, because many people love the seven color sticky rice, it is sold more popular. Beside Sapa market, sticky rice is sold in Muong Khuong area. If you come here, do not be afraid to try this special sticky rice.

With the information, sharing about eating and drinking while traveling Sapa, hope that will help visitors in the journey to discover culinary culture of Sapa which is always interesting.

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