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Explore 3 Best Attractions in Chinatown Singapore


Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Located in Chinatown of Singapore, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum has long been famous for unique architecture and holy reputation. The temple is a place of worship of the Buddha.

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Built in 2007, the temple is prominently characterized by architecture and furniture of Buddhist art and history. As the name would suggest, the temple is named as the left tooth of the Buddha. The relic was brought here from Kushinagar, India.

This Chinese-style pagoda was designed by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao, the president and Abbot of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, and Abbot of the Golden Pagoda Buddhist Temple with the help of local residents and foreign consultants. Temple’s construction costs up to 75 million USD. The architecture of the temple is based on elements of Tang Dynasty style and Mandala, a symbol of the universe in Buddhist culture.

The Buddhist Culture Museum on the third floor exhibits relics related to the Buddha, such as the bones and tongue. Noticeably, the Sacred Light Hall on the fourth floor is placed the temple’s most important treasures. It is the Buddha ‘s tooth preserved in the giant tower weighing 3,500. The tower is made of 320 kg of gold, of which 234 kg is donated by worshippers. You might enjoy the relics at the separate observatory from 9 a.m – 6 p.m everyday. Bear in mind, you have to ask for permission of monks before entering the reserve.

Sri Mariamman Temple

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Originally a wood – and – attap (palm fronds) structure completed in 1827, Sri Mariamman Temple on South Bridge Road is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Commonly referred to as Mariamman Kovil (« Mariamman Temple » in Tamil), the temple has been serving as the place of worship of Goddess Mariamucted man by immigrants from Nagapatnam and Cuddalorre districts of South India.

« Mari », meaning « rain » in Tamil, is an important life – giving element in rural life, while Goddess Mariamman is also known as the curer of diseases. In addition to a place of worship, the temple was also closely intertwined with the Hindu community as it served as the first refuge for new immigrants, dispute mediation, and an early resgistry of marriage for Hindus.

Especially, if you visit Sri Mariamman Temple in October and November, you would definitely have a chance to witness the annual fire – walking festival named Theemithi.

Skybridge of [email protected]

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Pinnacle @ Duxton is a public housing in Singapore, opened in 2010. This area has seven buildings, including 1,848 apartments and, significantly, all buildings were connected by a bridge on the 50th floor and 26th floor. The bridge of 50th floor, which is named Skybridge, definitely enables tourists to hold panoramic views of the stunning city and harbor. The entrance fee for visitors is very reasonable, which is priced at only $ 5 per person. However, the local authorities limit the number of visitors a day at 200 people so that they do not disturb the daily life of the inhabitants. Thus, if you want to make a visit to this amazing place, you should book tickets in advance.

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