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Visitting the Bago City in Myanmar


Bago City

• A city 80km north of Yangon

• An ancient city of Mon kingdom in the 13th century

• Another name is Hantharwaddy

• Be the capital of BagoProvince

• Famous for tobacco industry.

Bago City 1
Bago, once known as Hantharwaddy when it was the capital of the Mon kingdom.Bago is located 80 km north of Yangon, the capital of Bago Province. Legend has it that Bago was discovered in 573 by two Prince Mon from Thaton, who looked out over a female hamsa(a myth bird) standing on the back of a male hamsa on an island in the middle of a large lake. In the past, Bago was an immense waters, one day the tide came down to make a small islet that could not enough for both birds, so the female bird stood on the back of the male bird on the islet.

The town’s main temple, Shwenawdaw, which hosts its annual festival in April, is one of the largest in the Myanmar delta.

There is a huge statue of lying Buddha Shwethalyaung, once hidden in the forest and discovered by railway engineers in the 19th century.

The unique position of this statue’s size has recently been replaced by the Myathalyaung Buddha statue at the southern end of the town, currently the third largest lying Buddha statue in Myanmar

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